How to Achieve Inner Healing and Lead a Positive Life

Nearly 45 million of people suffer from emotional or mental issues. Many emotional or behavioral issues are connected to events or traumas from past experiences. This can lead to negative behaviors and thoughts that require some inner healing.

Mental and emotional problems have been strongly linked to cancer development across demographics. Mental and spiritual health have an impact on how our bodies heal. They also affect whether or not we make healthy choices from day to day.

If you’ve experienced trauma or are trying to overcome negative experiences, you don’t have to respond with negativity. Here are 5 ways that you can achieve inner healing the help you manage your emotional and spiritual health.

1. Pain Versus Suffering

Pain is a temporary feeling that can be inflicted by forces beyond our control. Suffering can be a persistent cycle of abuse. But in many cases, suffering can be understood as how we’ve chosen to deal with pain. When we are hurt, it can be challenging or even impossible to reflect on how we are dealing with pain.

Get to know the difference between pain and suffering. Do you need to forgive yourself or someone else? You don’t always need to forgive, but understanding the entirety of your experience as it relates to those external forces can help you find peace.

2. Ask For Help

It can be hard for our egos to admit that we need help. But it’s important to ask friends and loved ones for help if needed. If you’re having trouble getting through the day, ask a friend to help you.

Even if you need to get some domestic tasks done to get back on track, invite a friend over to answer their emails from your couch. Having the company of people who care can be healing for the mind and spirit.

3. Manage Your Breathing

In many meditation practices from around the world, there is some aspect of breath technique or breathing control that is meant to achieve peace. While you may have never meditated before, taking a break to count your breaths can bring you back to a peaceful place.

If you feel overwhelmed, find a quiet place, even a bathroom, where you can close your eyes and count your breaths. Do so in sets of ten, until you feel in control again.

Oxygen calms our brains down. That’s why we breathe fast and heavy when we’re scared. Take advantage of your body’s own healing tools and focus on your breathing. Even getting more exercise can help you get to a positive place.

4. Counter Your Experience

You may experience trauma, and there is no way to undo that experience. But what you can do is to help others who might experience the same. It can be a healing path for you and an inspiration for others.

Many former addiction sufferers go on to become counselors, you can use your experience to help others. While it might not be a new vocation, volunteering with an outreach organization can heal your inner spirit while offering help to others.

5. Take Control Of The Narrative

If you’ve been through a negative experience, the story of that experience will depend on you. Once you’ve made it through the initial struggle, the story will bear repeating.

Ensure that future iterations of the narrative allow you to grow naturally. Continually painting the narrative as one where you have that same limited role as a victim will limit your imagination for how you could grow.

Inner Healing Takes Time

In order to heal from negative experiences, you must take the time to consider your position and your power. It may take time to see it, but you have control over your own stories.

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